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After selling out on a cold winter weekend, Wanderlust Creamery might keep the Chinese New Year special indefinitely.

White Rabbit Ice Cream
Credit: JP Lopez

Everybody else can have their unicorn food. The biggest dessert sensation in a plain-looking white ice cream that tastes like milk, cream, sugar, and vanilla. It also tastes like a childhood memory for a lot of people.

Wanderlust Creamery, a scoop shop with locations in Venice, Atwater Village, Tarzana, and downtown L.A.’s Sunday Smorgasburg market, started serving White Rabbit ice cream as a Chinese New Year special at the beginning of February. The ice cream is made with dissolved pieces of the iconic White Rabbit candy, including the edible glutinous-rice paper. Wanderlust Creamery co-founder Adrienne Borlongan began working on the flavor after Foodbeast managing editor Richard Guinto suggested it in October.

Jon-Patrick Lopez, Wanderlust’s other co-founder, estimates that there’s about 1.3 of the habit-forming Chinese candies in each of scoop of ice cream. The ice cream totally tastes like the candy, which is to say that it’s milky and sugary with a hit of synthetic vanilla.

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