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What a Hungry Snail Reveals About Your Grocery Store Breakdowns

Story shared from The New York Times

Pond snails can overcome warnings from their senses about what to eat if they get hungry enough. Sound familiar?

Pond SnailThis pond snail makes risky dietary decisions on an empty stomach. |  Crossley, Staras

If you’ve ever gone grocery shopping when you’re super hungry, you may have bought a few foods in strange combinations that you later regretted.

“It’s not just one thing that you’re more likely to buy,” said Michael Crossley, a neuroscientist at the University of Sussex in England. “Your entire perception of everything is slightly altered when you undergo hunger.”

Dr. Crossley has found that we’re not the only creatures in the animal kingdom that make unusual dietary choices when hungry: Hungry pond snails will also swallow potentially harmful foods they’d normally spit out. They do this under the control of brains that work in the same basic way as our own.

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