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What happens with our bodies when we’re quitting coffee? Or just skipping it? Why does it give us the mother of all headaches? As usual, science has an answer for us and it’s pretty straightforward.

I usually build my life around always being able to have coffee when I need it. I have started drinking it when I was a teenager and it’s always been the same for me: once I cannot have one until 10, maximum 11 am, I get a splitting headache that gets progressively worse and worse.

That’s because I am a total addict when it comes to coffee. My body is so used to it and it always wants its dose. Its progressively large dose, since to be honest, caffeine does nothing for me anymore. I just love the taste and want to avoid the headache if I skip it.

And everyone who’s ever tried quitting coffee ran into the same brick wall of a headache. It’s extremely hard to quit cold turkey. Especially with the added bonuses of being way too easy to get annoyed, and feeling damned exhausted all the time. Still, we have some tips for you, if you’re planning to do that.

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