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amazon go store opening new yorkAn Amazon Go store appeared in Manhattan Tuesday morning, leading to long lines by noon. It’s Amazon’s first cashier-less store in New York.  |  Photos by Jeff John Roberts

Amazon and New York City are friends again. Months after the retail giant quit the city in a huff over opposition to its planned corporate headquarters, an Amazon Go store quietly appeared in Manhattan at dawn on Tuesday morning.

New Yorkers greeted the arrival of the cashier-less store warmly, lining up to buy sandwiches, snacks and an assortment of local food items. By noon, the crowd was dozens deep as people clamored to enter the store 1300 square foot store, which proclaims “No Lines, No Checkout.”

I received a tour of the new store from a nervous PR agent who, true to Amazon’s culture of secrecy, insisted that anything she said was background information. It’s not like there was anything to hide.

Bon Jovi blared overhead as shoppers, who must scan an Amazon app to enter, plucked items from the shelves while overhead cameras tracked their activities. (A second PR agent told me Amazon does not like the word “track” but, well, that’s how the shop works.)

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