Project Description


ARYZTA AG is a global food business with a leadership position in frozen bakery, pa-baked Artisan breads as well as a wide range of specialty bakery products. our par-baked product responds to the consumer’s desire for that “just out of the oven” aroma, texture and freshness, that is delivered with an in-store bake off. The aroma of freshly baked goods at the point of sale drives consumer football and represents a point of difference for ARYZTA’s customers in foodservice and retail establishments. ARYZTA has invested in its manufacturing capability and has established and marketing leading position in frozen bakery. ARYZTA stands for uncompromising quality and authenticity, which is evident in our consistently exceptional breads and baked goods. We are dedicated to using the highest quality ingredients to provide an outstanding quality product for the consumer.
ARYZTA’s food offering spans a wide range of baked sweet and savoury goods and includes: Artisan breads, buns and rolls, muffins, frozen cookie dough, laminated dough, donuts, continental pastries, sweet and savoury reception goods and a variety of savoury pizzas and tarts.

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