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One thing that’s true about the holidays, or any celebration, is that there’s always food involved. While full meals and appetizers are delicious and memorable, often the best part is dessert. For birthdays, it’s usually cake, for Christmas, there’s often a cookie exchange, for Halloween, there’s way too much candy.

The next big holiday on our radar is Thanksgiving, and while there is a pretty traditional Thanksgiving dinner that we look forward to every year (turkey, stuffing, whipped potatoes, cranberry sauce…you get the idea), what we’re really looking forward to the most is dessert.

For us, pumpkin pie and pecan pie are the usual stars of the table. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t different pies from time to time, but if we were placing bets, those are the ones we would count on.

Those may be the traditional pie recipes that you’re used to seeing on turkey day too, but perhaps you’re more into sweet potato pie or something completely unusual like Thai tea pie.

Perhaps you’re reading this and thinking that you’d really like to try a new recipe this year and impress your family with your pie baking skills. Look no further.

In a video shared by Tasty, four people who grew up in different parts of the country share their favorite Thanksgiving pie recipes. Watch the video below to see step-by-step how easily each pie comes together. If you’re anything like us, you’ll be wishing that taste-o-vision were a thing.

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