“I’ve always been a person who likes to take the road less traveled.” – Ann Yonetani, natto specialist

Meet Ann Yonetani, the founder/owner and microbiologist behind NYrture Food, an artisanal Japanese natto maker located in Brooklyn, NY. If there’s one thing that gets Ann excited, it’s bacteria. Ask her about it and her face lights up, she adjusts her glasses, her body settles more comfortably in her chair. She could talk for hours about the microbial worlds that symbiotically live inside us and all around us, a passion that both challenges and fascinates her. Not surprisingly, Ann sees herself as an urban microbe farmer more than a natto maker (a distinction I find endlessly charming). By cultivating a healthy environment for growing good bacteria, her non-GMO soybeans actively ferment into the superfood Japanese call: natto. A food jam-packed with nutrients and health/wellness benefits. This is where her evangelism begins.


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