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L&L Hawaii launched a new concept, L&L Hawaiian Mixplate, in Shelton, Washington, earlier this month.  |  Photo Credit: L&L Hawaii

L&L Hawaii has begun rolling out its new concept, L&L Hawaiian Mixplate, on the Mainland. The first location opened in Shelton, Washington, earlier this month, and a second is slated to launch in San Marcos, California, later in the month. A third location also is planned for Aurora, Colorado, with a projected opening in December.

All three of these L&L Hawaiian Mixplate are located inside of Walmart stores and follow L&L’s franchise model.

L&L Hawaii CEO Elisia Flores previously told Pacific Business News that the concept is a “modern take on the plate lunch.”

The eateries will offer customizable, build-your-own meals with options ranging from L&L classics like chicken katsu to healthier fare, including brown rice, vegetable sides and seafood entrees. New items include garlic chicken, Korean chicken, mochiko chicken, honey shrimp, fried chicken, chili and creamy mushroom chicken.

“Our guests will be able to see, smell and sample dishes prior to ordering, providing a more immersive dining experience,” Flores said in a statement. “This format helps introduce guests to our fresh Hawaii-inspired flavors as we continue to expand throughout the U.S., and allows each dish to be created around individual preferences.”

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