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Chef Gregory Marchand’s menu is spectacular, but won’t be around for long

Intersect by Lexus - Original Size

Intersect by Lexus is one of the most interesting restaurants to open in New York in a while. As the name implies, it’s not just a restaurant, but a “branded experience” — that is, the restaurant is fully underwritten by Lexus and a meal there is intended to evoke the same emotions that a ride in a Lexus might. So while a visit to the multi-floor space doesn’t bombard you with Lexus ads, the brand is just present enough for you to feel that “luxury car” vibe.

In a release heralding its New York City launch, Intersect was described as “a new lifestyle hub [that] merges innovative programming, culinary creativity, and masterful design for an immersive cultural experience” — but never mind all the lingo. It’s not exactly easy to explain it to someone who hasn’t been there, but thankfully if you decide to visit the second-floor restaurant (or more realistically, if you can snag a reservation), you’ll be rewarded. Sure, the space is sleek and modern, but the design and marketing concept take a back seat to the food, which we really enjoyed during a recent visit at the invitation of the restaurant.

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