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And at last I see the light, and it’s like the sugar craving has lifted

disney tangle eclairPhoto: The Daily Meal

Every Disney princess has an iconic accessory. Cinderella has her pumpkin carriage, Snow White has a poison apple and Rapunzel has her long, blond braid. And if you kind of think about it, those flowing locks look kind of like an éclair. Or maybe we’re just hungry and thinking about one of Walt Disney World’s newest sure-to-be-viral treats: the Tangled Éclair.

Starting May 9, Pinocchio Village Haus at Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida, will be selling the Tangled Éclair inspired by the sassy princess Rapunzel and her signature, magical hair. The éclair features a rich dulce de leche filling inside a flaky pastry. The braid is made from a silky white chocolate cream and is topped with sugar flowers and a chocolatey version of Rapunzel’s weapon of choice: a frying pan.

The new éclair isn’t just a sweet surprise. It’s also perfectly Instagrammable. Take your treat to the courtyard outside the “Tangled”-themed bathrooms in Fantasyland and prepare to have your social media likes blow up.

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