Whole Foods shoppers may think they are paying less for their kale, organic milk, blackberries and bison filets since Amazon bought the pricey grocer more than a year ago — but they really aren’t, according to a new report.

Despite the Amazon hype, prices in Whole Foods’ 490 stores across the country — even after shoppers pony up cash for the Prime discount — come down by just $1.54 on a $400 basket of groceries, according to the report.

Customers could be forgiven for thinking prices have been cut further — as Whole Foods stores are chockablock with signs proclaiming, “Prime members now save even more.”

“A year ago, most people thought Whole Foods’ prices would go down across the board by 15 percent,” said Gordon Haskett analyst Chuck Grom, who has been tracking prices at a Princeton, NJ, Whole Foods since August 2017, right before the Amazon deal closed.

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