Not just for tiramisu. Discover 50 different ways to use mascarpone.

BelGioioso Mascarpone

1. Toast – Spread on warm toast and top with jam1-8
2. Muffins – Spread onto a morning muffin
3. Bagels and Nut Breads – Serve a basket of bagels or nut breads with Mascarpone
4. Pancakes, French Toast and Waffles – Melt onto piping hot pancakes, French toast or waffles
5. Scrambled Eggs and Quiche – Add to scrambled eggs or quiche for a creamy flavor
6. Panettone – Toast Italian Panettone bread and serve warm with citrus flavored Mascarpone
7. Sandwiches – Spread onto sandwiches or create tasty sandwich spreads with fresh herbs or spices
8. Baked Potato – Top baked potatoes with Mascarpone and a sprinkle of chopped chives
9. Mac and Cheese – Add to your favorite mac and cheese recipe
10. Risotto – Stir into a creamy mushroom risotto
11. Garlic Bread – Spread onto bread slices and top with chopped garlic and parsley
12. Roasted Vegetables –Top roasted seasonal vegetables with Mascarpone
13. Panini and Grilled Cheese – Spread the outside of panini or grilled cheese sandwiches before grilling; the bread will be crisp with a creamy flavor
14. Pound Cake – Use Mascarpone instead of butter in a pound cake recipe
15. Squash Ribbons – Sauté squash ribbons with Mascarpone and add crisp prosciutto
16. Potato Gratin – Top slices of pre-cooked potatoes with Mascarpone and shredded Fontina; bake until heated through
17. Polenta – Top cooked polenta with Mascarpone for a creamy and delicious side dish11-22
18. Fettuccine with Shrimp and Tomatoes – Toss Mascarpone with hot fettuccine noodles, sautéed prawns and a fresh tomato sauce
19. Tea Sandwiches – Create elegant tea sandwiches with sliced cucumbers and radishes
20. Frosting – Mix Mascarpone with powdered sugar and pipe onto cupcakes for a tasty frosting
21. Marinara Sauce – Melt into a fresh marinara sauce before serving for an extra creamy flavor
22. Gorgonzola Pasta Sauce – Stir into melted Gorgonzola and toss with hot pasta
23. Pasta Carbonara – Add to an Italian egg pasta carbonara dish
24. Creamy Mashed Potatoes – Combine with mashed potatoes and top with fresh herbs
25. Hamburger – Spread onto hamburger buns before placing on top of a burger
26. Honey Mustard Spread – Blend Mascarpone with honey mustard. Serve with crackers, cooked shrimp and smoked fish
27. Cold Vegetable Pizza – Spread Mascarpone over a baked pizza crust and top with chopped broccoli, cauliflower and shredded Parmesan cheese
28. Fresh Fruit Dip – Mix with pure maple syrup for a delicious fresh fruit dip
29. Cheese Spreads – Combine with shredded Parmesan, Peperoncino® or Crumbled Gorgonzola for delicious crostini spreads
30. Ravioli – Fill ravioli with Mascarpone
31. Baked Crepes – Fill freshly baked crepes with creamy Mascarpone mixed with delicate liqueurs like Frangelico or Grand Marnier
32. Lasagna – Spread a layer of Mascarpone into your lasagna28-48
33. Grilled Fruit – Mix Mascarpone with honey and serve with grilled peaches or plums
34. Sautéed Pears – Sauté fresh pears in brown sugar and brandy. Serve with Mascarpone mixed with pure maple syrup
35. Cake Filling – Layer a citrus Ricotta cake with a filling of Mascarpone, whipped cream and fresh strawberries
36. Cheesecakes – Create lighter cheesecakes, both savory and sweet, with creamy Mascarpone
37. Carrot Cake Frosting – Mix pure maple syrup with Mascarpone and use as a frosting for carrot cake
38. Puff Pastry – Create a tasty breakfast puff pastry tart with Mascarpone, roasted tomatoes, fresh basil leaves and crumbled bacon
39. Cookies – Serve Mascarpone with freshly baked biscotti or ginger snaps for a sweet snack
40. Fresh Figs – Serve a creamy spoonful with fresh figs
41. Wine or Champagne – Serve Mascarpone with shortbread or ladyfinger cookies and pair with a dry sparkling wine or champagne
42.Crostini Appetizer – Top crostini with herbed Mascarpone and balsamic onions
43. Unwrap & Roll™ Pinwheels – Spread a thin layer onto a sheet of Fresh Mozzarella Unwrap & Roll™ and add chopped roasted vegetables to create colorful pinwheels
44. Cream Sauce – Serve a Mascarpone wine cream sauce with stuffed chicken breast for an elegant entrée
45. Pizza – Spread onto a par-baked pizza crust and top with caramelized onions and Gorgonzola
46. Italian Gorgonzola Torte – Layer Mascarpone between slices of CreamyGorg® cheese to create a delicious Italian Gorgonzola Torte
47. Creamy Soup – Stir into hot roasted tomato or creamy mushroom soups
48. Italian Rice Balls – Mascarpone adds a creamy goodness to any Italian Rice Ball recipe
49. Fondue – Serve a delicious fondue sauce with Mascarpone and Fontina
50. Beer Pairing – Serve with wedged radishes and a fruity ale beer for an interesting party appetizer