Shared from Honolulu Magazine
With the spread of COVID-19 and demand for hand sanitizers, Koʻolau Distillery converted its operation this week and will donate everything to first responders and healthcare professionals.

Eric Dill, CEO of Koʻolau Distillery in Kailua, had heard about other craft distilleries on the Mainland coverting their operations to making hand sanitizers amid the coronavirus pandemic. The demand is extraorindarily high—and the supply nearly nonexistent in Hawaiʻi.

He thought, “If you’ve got the ability to help, why wouldn’t you be helping in these unprecended times?”

So he and the other two families who own the distillery decided to use the alcohol they make to craft Old Pali Road whiskey to produce hand sanitizers instead. The bottles, all donated by Oʻahu-based Kōkua Sun Care, will be distributed to first responders, healthcare workers and essential civic service personnel at no charge. Koʻolau Distillery will not be selling hand sanitizers to the public, despite inquires and requests.

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