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Long Story Short Cafe, Port Melbourne

A daytime cafe serving modern Australian food with an Asian twist… that’s the long and the short of it. Long Story Short Cafe recently relocated from its original Richmond location to the slightly quieter end of Port Melbourne, but its close proximity to the beach contributes to its relaxed and trendy vibe.

It has taken a while to get to where they are today, but owner Ly and her partner are proud of what they have achieved so far. The venue’s bright interior is complimented by light brown tables, white-backed chairs and soft-cushioned sofas to encourage a comforting experience for their customers. Natural light abundantly streams through the many windows, with some greenery adding a touch of colour and wholesome feeling to the contemporary cafe.

Venue 6-original Venue 2-original

Venue 5-original Venue 1

Venue 3-original

For breakfast and lunch, you can find the usual culprits such as smashed avocado (with poached eggs, broccolini, goats cheese, snow pea tendrils, seeds, toasted almonds, toast) and corn fritters, with some heartier options for the lunchtime crowd. They had a brief stint serving dinner on weekends but have recently decided to stop this and focus on their daytime trading, with most of the meals that were served for dinner still available on their lunchtime menu.

Iced Matcha 2 Iced Matcha 1

Iced Matcha Latte

Matcha Latte 3 Matcha Latte 2

Matcha Latte 1

Matcha White Chocolate Sphere + Marshmallows ($11.50)


Mango & Green Apple Smoothie ($9.00)
(white chia, almonds, matcha, almond)

Beetroot Latte

Red Velvet Beetroot Latte ($5.00)

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