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Sunny Side Up: Egg Yolk Dishes Are on Spring Menus

Move over, egg white. After years of cholesterol-shaming, egg yolks have gotten the thumbs up from doctors and nutrition experts. In addition to adding a stunning pop of color to a dish, egg yolks add rich flavor. An egg is a sign of rebirth, as well as a traditional Easter symbol, so we’ve rounded up seven restaurants that have hatched egg yolk dishes on spring menus.

Traditional Carbonara pasta typically has five ingredients — spaghetti, pancetta, Parmesan, eggs, and black pepper. But, Barbusa reinvents the dish with wider, hand-made fettuccini, crisp pancetta, plump sweet peas, and caramelized onions. And when it is served, a farm-fresh egg yolk is added. The yolk begs to be broken — go for it; it will envelop the pasta with a lush creaminess. Make a reservation at Barbusa.

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