Project Description

Hawaiian Eateries

Hawaiian Eateries began, back in 1979, as a small sandwich shop in Lahaina. Soon people discovered our salads, and the business began to grow. Now our products are served in restaurants, delis, hospitals, schools and supermarkets all over the Islands. The reason for our success? We paid attention to Island tastes and we still do.

You can depend on us for ready-to-serve salads and desserts that capture all the flavor of our unique Island culture. We’re your source for authentically spicy Kim Chee and deliciously sweet-sour Namasu. We know what kind of creamy, flavorful potato salads, pasta salads, and cole slaws are flavored for local luncheon plates. Our light, elegant fruit desserts taste delicious in tropical weather.

And we offer you more than tropical flavor. With our products, you save time, and every serving tastes just as fresh and flavorful as if it had been made to order in your own kitchen. That’s because we make everything just the way you would, with top quality ingredients and lots of care.

Give your customers the best of the Islands. It’s easy, with the help of Hawaiian Eateries – Hawaii’s Fresh Foods.

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