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Chinatown Scratch Kitchen & Bake Shop to Close Following Sale

Brian Chan, the owner of Honolulu’s Scratch Kitchen & Bake Shop, has sold his restaurant’s original Chinatown location, after receiving an offer that he couldn’t pass up.

“It was a great idea financially, and hopefully if it all goes well we will be out by the end of the month,” Chan told Pacific Business News.

Chan did not disclose the price of the transaction, nor the name of the buyer, though he said the owner currently has a restaurant in Hawaii. Scratch Kitchen will close following the sale, and the new owner will re-open the restaurant under his own concept.

“I told the buyer that if he wants to buy the location, then it needs to be something other than Scratch,” Chan said.

Chan recently opened a second Scratch Kitchen location in the Howard Hughes Corp.’s South Shore Market shopping complex in Kakaako, which he said has been doing better than the Chinatown location. Both locations are known to have lines out the door, though Chan expects demand to increase even more for his newer location, which opened in May.

“If you ask anyone, they would say they prefer the Ward location because of its convenient location and ample parking,” Chan said, adding that the restaurant benefits from the boom of residential development in the area.

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