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12 05, 2018

Uber Says It Will Test 5-Minute Food Deliveries by Drone

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Companies have arranged loads of stunt food deliveries by drone (Domino’s pizza, Chipotle burritos, Slurpees that in theory arrive frozen, etc.), but meals via air are still a widely available option at exactly zero restaurant chains. Now, UberEats — now the world’s largest food-delivery platform — has begun a new trial program in San Diego. The service’s selling point

12 05, 2018

California 7-Eleven Blares Opera Music to Prevent Loitering

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It's part of a 7-Eleven corporate initiative to stop people from hanging out What do bored teenagers and down-on-their-luck panhandlers have in common? A hatred of opera, apparently. A 7-Eleven franchise in Modesto, California, is playing opera music outside its entrance to make sure people don’t hang around. Intrigued by the convenience store’s unusual choice of tuneage, a

12 05, 2018

Bubbies Ice Cream Expands to All U.S. Whole Foods Stores

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Bubbies Homemade Ice Cream & Desserts Inc. has launched its packaged mochi ice cream in all U.S. Whole Foods stores, the company announced Tuesday. "Mochi ice cream has been an incredibly popular product with Whole Foods Market shoppers, which is why we're thrilled that Bubbies Mochi Ice Cream is now expanding into our frozen aisles in

29 10, 2017

Spam Theft and Black Market Sales Forcing Shop Owners to Hide Product

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Shopkeepers in Hawaii are now treating Spam as a luxury item and are putting them behind plastic covers next to high-end technology products after a string of thefts.  (REUTERS) A black market on Spam is booming in such a way that store owners in Hawaii are locking their canned meats behind bars. Spam — which

27 10, 2017

Facebook’s ‘Order Food’ Feature Officially Launches Across the US

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Facebook today formally announced its new feature that allows users to order food from local restaurants using its app. Instead of competing directly with other food ordering services, Facebook is partnering with several industry players on this effort, including EatStreet,, DoorDash, ChowNow, Olo, Zuppler and Slice. It’s also working with restaurant chains directly, like Jack in the

20 10, 2017

Sysco Scoops Up Another Foodservice Distributor

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Houston-based Sysco Corp. will acquire HFM FoodService, a Hawaii-based foodservice distributor. Houston-based Sysco Corp. (NYSE: SYY) announced Oct. 17 it will acquire HFMFoodService, a Hawaii-based foodservice distributor. The value of the deal was not disclosed, but HFM reports about $290 million in annual sales, according to a press release. Sysco plans to retain HFM’s executive leadership team and all current associates. Founded

15 10, 2017

Costco Rolls Out Same-Day and Two-Day Online Grocery Delivery

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A customer carries a shopping bag inside a Costco Wholesale Corp. store in Miami,… more As more grocery stores around the country are offering delivery options, Costco Wholesale is jumping on the bandwagon. The Issaquah-based warehouse club launched a two-day "CostcoGrocery" delivery option for non-perishable grocery items this week, Chief Financial Officer Richard Galanti said on a conference