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29 10, 2017

Exclusive First Look at Outrigger’s Newly Renovated Reef Bar and Market Grill

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The Reef Bar and Market Grill opened Monday at the Outrigger Reef Waikiki Beach Resort in the former Shore Bird Restaurant and Beach Bar space, which closed last month. Maui designer Roger Dean Gagon renovated the 12,000-square-foot space, which now has a lighter color scheme, updated furniture and an improved menu and seats 280. “We had a

27 10, 2017

Facebook’s ‘Order Food’ Feature Officially Launches Across the US

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Facebook today formally announced its new feature that allows users to order food from local restaurants using its app. Instead of competing directly with other food ordering services, Facebook is partnering with several industry players on this effort, including EatStreet,, DoorDash, ChowNow, Olo, Zuppler and Slice. It’s also working with restaurant chains directly, like Jack in the

15 10, 2017

13 Features of the Next-Gen Restaurant

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  Restaurant Business asked industry experts to peer into their crystal balls and predict what limited-service and full-service operations might look like in the next decade. Here are their educated guesses on everything from inventory-tracking refrigerators to burrito-delivering drones..   1. More prominent pickup counters Off-premise will change the face of limited-service restaurants, prompting more-prominent

15 10, 2017

Tax Breaks Proposed For Organic Farms And ‘Ocean Friendly’ Restaurants

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Councilwoman Kymberly Pine is also still pushing a measure to ban plastic foam takeout containers. Councilwoman Kymberly Pine of the Leeward Coast is rolling out what she calls her “sustainability package,” a series of bills to promote organic farming and reduce the amount of waste produced on Oahu. Her first measure would ban food takeout containers made

15 10, 2017

9 Horror-Themed Restaurants Around the Country to Indulge Your Inner Ghoul

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Halloween only comes around one glorious, but all-too-short, day a year. Lucky for horror enthusiasts, there are plenty of restaurants around the country that sport spooky vibes all year long, from the kitschy to the legitimately haunted. This Halloween season, take advantage of the fact that it’s socially acceptable to feed your horror obsession and hit up

13 08, 2017

Cheetos is Opening a Fancy New York Pop-Up Restaurant for Three Days

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Frito-Lay is teaming up with celebrity chef Anne Burrell to finally — let's face it — bring New Yorkers what they really want: a fine-dining menu offering a full range of Cheeto-infused delights. The company announced Tuesday it will open up a pop-up restaurant, the Spotted Cheetah, in the trendy Tribeca area for three days only